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Pocket watch "Silver Modern" Артикул: W7490

Описание товара

Beautiful, effectively executed pocket antique Swiss watch "Silver Modern". Three-lid watch case with
the opening front cover is made of 800-proof silver. There is an image of two women on the front and back of the watch. Hand-made artistic stichel carving. The movement of the watch is assembled on 18 ruby stones using shaton fasteners, which at the time of the watch's manufacture was an absolutely innovative proposal for the layout of the axial elements of the watch mechanism, thanks to which the watch has been in good working condition for more than a hundred years, having excellent running accuracy. The dial is enameled with contrasting black Roman numerals and stylish black hands, which are translated using a nail floating keyboard bracket that automatically retracts into the watch case..
Good safe and working condition. The watch was made in Switzerland at
the end of the 19th century and was very popular among connoisseurs of the new
emerging popular style of decoration. Art Nouveau is
an international movement and style in art, architecture and especially
decorative and applied art, which has reached the peak of its popularity
at the turn of the 20th century (1890-1905). On the inner cover there is an image of the exhibition medals of this watch model with the name "La Terrasse" of the G. Jacot watch workshop . The watch comes with a special time belt chain with a convenient loop pin and
a gift box made specifically for pocket collectible
watches. The diameter of the watch case is 52 mm.

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